Curriculum vitae

Name: Lembit Lõpp
Date of birth: 21. May 1987
Aadress: Vahtra 1, Tabasalu, Harku vald, 76901, Harjumaa, Estonia
Phone: Home: (+372)6076599
Mobile: (+372)56229136
E-mail: post ät
Nationality: Estonian
Marital status: Single
1994-2006 Tabasalu Gymnasium
Additional information:
Language skills Estonian - Native language
English - Fluent
Finnish - Needs some Assistance
Russian - Basic with poor understanding
Computer skills

I have years of experience with web applications as a freelancer and working at Web Expert.

My work in Web Expert usually consist of custom coding. I hade worked with more than hundred different projects spanning from hours to months in difficulty.

My main programming language is PHP. I have worked with a custom CMS made in Web Expert(MVC pattern), Zend Framework, WordPress and many other non-standard solutions. My primary database system is MySQL but I have experience in MSSQL and sqlite.

I'm strong with front end web development. I'm used to working with HTML5 solutions using CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI, SVG, Ajax and many minor technologies.

I work on a Windows enviroment but I have been tinkering with some unix servers as well.

Work experience:
2008 november - present day OÜ Web Expert, programmer
2006 october - 2007 october IBM Estonia, monitoring specialist